Waterproof Ace-tronaut Stickers
Waterproof Ace-tronaut Stickers

Waterproof Ace-tronaut Stickers

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Size: 1.6 in W x 2.2 in L

Material: Sticker paper, laminating sheets (waterproof)

Free from all expectations and demands that he should be someone he's not, an Ace-tronaut floats freely through space without any restraint. His arms float out at his sides as if he's in flight supported by the pull of five balloons.

The center balloon is decorated in the colors of the Asexual Pride flag with four matching balloons surrounding it. All of this occurs against a starry backdrop that almost seems glitter.

The Ace-tronaut stickers are crafted with high-quality sticker paper and coated with durable laminating sheets, these stickers are ready to withstand moisture damage and the risk of fading.

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