About Hitotsu World LLC

Pride Ghost Keychains from Hitotsu World LLC Tommy the mushroom boi stickers from Hitotsu World LLC Pride Axolotl Stickers from Hitotsu World LLC
Do you ever wonder how you can express your unique self in this world?
Wouldn't it be exciting to share with everyone who you are?
How do you celebrate who you are, in a discrete and fun way? And don't you just love stickers?
If you're having trouble with self-expression, you've come to the right place!
Hitotsu World LLC serves you various collections of kawaii-style stickers and more, that come in all sorts of designs: dragons, pride ghosts, Asian drinks like ramune and boba, and so much more!
When you see your cute, adorable stickers, you're going to be filled with excitement! Now you're able to communicate with others who you are and what you like, and everything else in between!
Remember that time in school, when a classmate had stickers on their binders of your favorite food, you really wanted to talk to them? Stickers are an amazing conversation starters with strangers because it shows your interests and says "hey, these are the cool things I like!" 
We believe the best feeling to have is to be able to confidently go out into the world with pride and joy of who you are!
Mitochondria Stickers by Hitotsu World LLC  Ocean creature stickers by Hitotsu World LLC boba stickers by Hitotsu World LLC


And that's where we come in!


At Hitotsu World LLC, we do our best to make sure you're happy and excited!


We promise that when you receive your cute stickers in person, you are filled with bliss and ready to stick them to wherever others will see them!


These stickers give you strength to bring your true, authentic inner self out into the world.


Hitotsu World LLC's handmade stickers make the perfect stickers for anyone who wants something quirky and fun to express who you are!