03. Holographic "The Mushrooms" Tarot Card Stickers

03. Holographic "The Mushrooms" Tarot Card Stickers

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Size: 1.7" width and 2.9" height

Material: Holographic sticker paper (waterproof)


Foraging for mushrooms are such a trend now. Whether you've gone foraging during a hazy night or a bright, sunshiny day, the adventure was just so memorable. I'm sure you needed to unwind from you day of exciting adventure by relaxing in your comforting home.

Hitotsu World LLC's Tommy the Mushroom Boi feels the same! After a long day of adventuring, he needs a good ol' solid sleep. This sticker features our Tommy the Mushroom Boi, who's resting his eyes under a tall mushroom, and the night sky. These stickers are great reminders of how much fun you had with your friends foraging for mushrooms in the lush green forest.

Printed on vibrant holographic sticker materials, these stickers are eye-popping to all those who see them out in the wild.

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