06. Holographic "The Ramen" Tarot Card Stickers

06. Holographic "The Ramen" Tarot Card Stickers

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Size: 1.7" width and 2.9" height

Material: Holographic sticker paper (waterproof)


When was the first time you've had authentic, Japanese ramen, not from a cup or a bag?

The mouthwatering noodles are bathed in piping-hot broth that's been made from savory broth that's been simmered for hours upon hours. Slurping those thick, curly noodles into your mouth for the first time was heavenly eperience for sure.

The Ramen Tarot Card Stickers are here to remind you of your good, first ramen experience.

Featuring a kawaii ramen bowl with delicious toppings such as pork chashu, green onion, seasoned eggs.


Printed on vibrant holographic sticker materials, these stickers are for sure to catch attention of any ramen AND tarot lovers!

Colors may vary due to monitor and/or lighting.


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