01. Holographic "The Mush-Gician" Tarot Card Stickers

01. Holographic "The Mush-Gician" Tarot Card Stickers

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Size: 1.7" width and 2.9" height

Material: Holographic sticker paper (waterproof)

Have you ever dreamed of becoming a magician? Or a wizard? Or a witch? Seeing all the magical, witchy movies growing up made you mesmerized about magic!
Bring those memories back with our Holographic Mush-gician Taor Card Stickers!


Featuring Hitotsu World LLC's beloved Tommy the Mushroom Boi, dressed in a magical cloak with a mushroom wand, and he decided to grow a mustache for the occasion. In the background, you can see a beautiful crescent moon and three twinkling stars to represent a beautiful, night sky.

Printed on shimmering holographic sticker material, these stickers will catch the attention of any magicians and witches alike. These pair well with your cauldron, on your tarot card shelves, or spell books!


*If you live in the UK/EU/Australia, please make sure to read our FAQ before purchasing!*


**hitotsuworldllc.com watermark is not part of the sticker. It is for copyright purposes only**

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