Ramune Soda Stickers
Waterproof Ramune Soda Stickers
Waterproof Ramune Soda Stickers

Ramune Soda Stickers

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Size: 1.0 in W x 3.0 in L

Material: Sticker paper, sparkling laminating sheets (waterproof)

Remember in your Japanese class, your teacher let you have your first bottle of cool, refreshing ramune? You pop the glass ball down to let all the fizzy goodness come out, it's quite a magical first experience! Now you can always remind yourself of that time with these cute and sparkly ramune stickers!

Are you stuck inside the overheated classroom or workplace? Take a break with these coolest and cutest ramune stickers! Make sure to pick up a real, drinkable ramune on your way back home to get your fizzy needs met! Until then, these stickers will do the trick.

Made with high quality sticker paper and coated with laminating sheets, these stickers will make a perfect addition to your journals, phones, or notebooks!

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