Transgender Pride Ghost Keychain
Transgender Pride Ghost Keychain

Transgender Pride Ghost Keychain

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Size: 1.4 in W x 2.1 in L

Material: Acrylic, metal 

Is your friend coming to terms with the fact that they're trans? That's awesome! Now you want to support them but aren't sure how. 

This Transgender Pride Ghost keychain is just what you're looking for! 

Each charm represents a different LGBTQ+ identity, celebrating them through cute ghosts wearing a witch hat decorated with the colors of their respective pride flags.

At 2.1 inch in length, they are just prominent enough to be visible and show off its kawaiiness!

The keychains are single-sided. Full colors that are digitally printed on transparent acrylic, connected to a sturdy keyring with chains. 

Note that all items are handmade. Because of this, minor imperfections may exist - though it makes them that much more precious and unique! 

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